2019 Summer Interval Training 


Registration for the Summer Speedwork Sessions currently  is Closed

Sessions take place on Wednesdays 6:30 - 8:00PM  June 19 - August 28

Location: South Lakes High School, South Lakes Dr, Reston, VA

Once again, Reston Runners (RR) is offering this great program for our members. If you are not a current member and you'd like to join so you can take advantage of this program, visit our RR Membership Application page

Coach Our coach will design workouts and guide us through a variety of activities to develop our speed, strength, and cardiovascular fitness. Whether you are preparing for 10Ks or a marathon, or no race in particular, you'll benefit from this program. 

Time and Place  There will be Wednesday sessions beginning at 6:30 PM over the period June 20 to August 29. The program is open to all Reston Runners members.

Cost $25 per person.



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