Wolftrap National Park for the Performing Arts

Trap Rd between Dulles Toll Road & Rte 7

5 Mile Trail Run (Two 2.5 mile loops)

Map: (see below)


  1. Start in West parking lot, south side. Trailhead access is marked.
  2. Enter the trail, turning left, following the blue arrows and blue tree blazes.
  3. Re-enter the parking lot crossing under Trap Rd thru the pedestrain tunnel.
  4. Follow blue arrows to the right right on the path alongside the road that leads to the lower parking area behind the Pavillion. Leave the trail at this point taking the road down to the lot to avoid a closed detoured trail section.
  5. Re-enter the trail at the lower end of the lot (follow the blue arrows and blazes.  Continue on the trail crossing Wolftrap Creek twice.
  6. Cross Trap Rd and pick up the trail on the other side.
  7. Finish in the West Parking Lot near the Start.

The Run can be extended to Meadowlark Gardens, 1.5 miles away.

  1. Leave the West Lot through the pedestrain tunnel under Trap Rd.
  2. Turn Right using the pedestrian path and bridge over the Toll Rd.
  3. Follow the paved path toward the Wolftrap Barns.
  4. Follow Trap Rd as it bends to the right, then right along Beulah Rd making use of the paved pedestrain paths on the right side to the trails of Meadowlark Gardens.

 Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 1.41.16 PM.png

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