Autumnwood Pool

On Walnut Branch Rd. East of Fairfax County Parkway

5 Mile Run

Measured: 5.03 Mile   

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  1. From Autumnwood Pool parking lot, take trail the goes out to Bennington Woods Rd
  2. Turn left on trail after Trails Edge Ln and proceed to end at Armstrong Elementary School
  3. Cross Lake Newport Rd and go up the short hill, then down hill to Fairfax County Parkway
  4. Turn  right (north) onto Fairfax County Parkway for about 1 mile
  5. Cross Weihle Ave (first cross road) and turn right on the path.
  6. About ½ mile, cross Pellow Circle and keep left onto trail along pipeline
  7. At “T”, turn right
  8. Cross one road, then down hill to Weihle Ave and turn left.
  9. Right at light onto Reston Parkway. 
  10. About 1.3 miles, turn on 2nd trail after crossing Bennington Woods Rd.   
  11. When path comes out on road, cross road onto path for 20 yds
  12. Turn right into Autumnwood Pool parking lot.

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