Course   : Aldrin Elementary School  
Location: Center Harbor Dr. & Wiehle Ave Distance: 3.0 miles
Maps      : Street   / Satellite   


  1. From the parking lot turn left onto the asphalt path along Center Harbor Road, walking away from Wiehle Avenue.
  2. Turn left on Waterfront Road.
  3. Cross Belcastle Court.
  4. At Newport Shores sign bear right.
  5. Turn right onto path just before house #1460.
  6. Turn right at the first street, Greenwich Point Road.
  7. Turn right at the first street, North Village Road.
  8. At Center Harbor Road, cross N. Village Road and turn right to cross Center Harbor Road.
  9. Continue down North Village Road, staying on path to right of St. Johns Wood sign.
  10. At the picnic pavilion bear right to follow the asphalt path across North Village Road.
  11. Turn left on asphalt path on the east side of North Village Road. Stay on the main path and ignore narrow asphalt paths on right.
  12. At T intersection turn left to continue following North Village Road.
  13. Turn right onto the next path just prior to stone wall and creek crossing.
  14. After going under Wiehle Avenue, turn left onto the connecting ramp.
  15. Follow the path in the same direction as the ramp along Wiehle Avenue.
  16. At the next intersection (Weatherstone Ct) turn right onto the sidewalk.
  17. Follow the sidewalk to the play area. Turn right onto the wide asphalt path just past the play area and proceed down the hill to Bright Pond.
  18. Turn left onto natural trail/cleared area to walk around Bright Pond. (If this is muddy you can walk directly across the dam on an asphalt path and continue straight on path, picking up direction #21.)
  19. Turn right on asphalt path to continue around pond.
  20. Turn left at path intersection to take continuation of path that crossed the dam. Walk between houses.
  21. Turn right on Bright Pond Road and follow the sidewalk along the road.
  22. Turn right on path just before private drive at the end of Bright Pond Road.
  23. Follow the path to the right and back up the hill, crossing another dam which is not in use.
  24. Turn left onto the asphalt path at the end of the dam and head toward the woods. There will be houses on your right.
  25. Stay on main path as it curves through the woods. Ignore narrow path on right.
  26. Cross Center Harbor Road and turn right to stay on the asphalt path along Center Harbor.
  27. Cross Wiehle Ave. Turn left into the school parking lot.


We will start from the main entrance on the left facing the school - in the car parking lot as opposed to the bus lot that is found on the other side.

This walking course, like most of the others, was designed by Liz O'Toole.

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Aldrin Elementary School 3 Mile Walk-street

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