Lake Anne Elementary School

Maximum Path Option

North Shore Drive, 1 block east of Wainwright Drive

10 Mile Run

Measured: 9.4 miles

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  1. Start from Lake Anne Elementary School parking lot, turning right onto North Shore Drive.
  2. Right on Wainwright Drive.
  3. Right on Reston trail about one block before Wainwright rejoins North Shore Drive.
  4. Follow trail through the "Summit" apartment complex and along Reston Parkway, turning right at the underpass under Reston Parkway.
  5. Left onto the sidewalk/path along the west side of Reston Parkway.
  6. Follow Reston Parkway across the Dulles Toll Road to South Lakes Drive.
  7. Left on South Lakes Drive. After crossing Colts Neck Road (next intersection), continue along the path on the left side of South Lakes (avoid running along the shoulderless, heavily-traveled South Lakes Drive).
  8. After about 1/2 mile, the path turns away from South Lakes and crosses a cluster parking area (Putting Green Ct.).
  9. Stay on the path as it skirts behind the townhouse cluster, passes by a pond on the golf course, and brings you into the parking area of the next cluster (at Double Eagle Ct.).
  10. Turn left through the cluster parking area, turning left again near the far end of the cluster onto the Reston trail that again takes you toward the golf course.
  11. Stay on this path, bearing left until you reach the underpass at Soapstone.
  12. Pass through the underpass, bearing right at the first intersection while staying on the main path.
  13. Turn left at the "raised manhole" intersection (the one you may remember from the Lake Audubon course) and take the next right to pick up the path that runs behind the South Lakes High School (SLHS) stadium.
  14. Follow that path, turning left on the rear parking lot access road (behind SLHS).
  15. Cross Seahawk Drive and pick up the path through the townhouse clusters, following that path across two cluster roadways until it passes under Ridge Heights Rd.
  16. Turn right and then an immediate left as the path parallels South Lakes and crosses the Lake Thoreau dam.
  17. Follow the path into the South Lakes Shopping Center, proceeding across the parking lot (avoiding the entrance road) to the underpass under South Lakes at the far right end of the parking lot.
  18. Follow the trail, turning left behind the retirement condominiums (Thoreau Place) to Sunrise Valley Drive (at the tennis courts).
  19. Right on Sunrise Valley to Post Oak Trail [Water stop will be located where the W&OD Trail crosses Sunrise Valley Drive].
  20. Right on Post Oak Trail to Buckthorn.
  21. Left on Buckthorn to the W&OD Trail.
  22. Right on the W&OD, crossing Sunrise Valley [Water stop located here], to Wiehle Avenue.
  23. Right on Wiehle Avenue to Fairway Drive.
  24. Left on Fairway to Hook Road.
  25. Left on Hook Road to where it rejoins Fairway.
  26. Left on Fairway to North Shore Drive.
  27. Left on North Shore to Lake Anne Elementary School on the right.


This course, which also starts at South Lakes High School, makes maximum use of the Reston paths along the South Lakes Drive portion of the run. While more complicated to follow, its rewards are far more interesting views and a safer running environment (no need to run along the shoulderless South Lakes Drive and through the busy South Lakes/
Sunrise Valley intersection).

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Lake Anne Elementary School 10 Mile Run Map

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