Lake Anne Elementary School (LAES), North Shore Drive

~ 10 Mile Trail Run

It’s about 1 mile from start to dirt trail

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  1. From the LAES parking lot, go left North Shore Dr. towards the Lake Anne Village Center (LAVC)
  2. After about ¼ mile, just past the pool, turn right onto path.
  3. Follow path a short distance then turn left across foot bridge and into LAVC
  4. Run through Lake Anne Plaza, exiting through passageway by Jasmine Restaurant.
  5. Run up steps and continue straight on pathway, through tunnel, and bear left to North Shore Dr. 
  6. Follow North Shore Drive to end.  (Recommend foot bridge to cross Wiehle.)
  7. Turn right into Upland pool parking area then take path adjacent to building down hill
  8. At bottom of hill, turn left onto trail system.
  9. After the foot bridge, at the 3-way fork, go straight. (~0.5miles)
  10. Right at fork (~50 yards)
  11. Right on dirt road (~1 mile).  Pay attention to trail entrance behind you so you’ll find it coming back.
  12. Straight returning onto trial when road veers right (~ ¼ mile)
  13. Trail merges with the CCT just south of the lighted soccer fields in Lake Fairfax Park.  (~ ½ mile). 
  14. Stay on CCT until Carpers Farm Way.  (Water will be available there on most days)
  15. Turn-around and retrace course watching for the following:
    1. After the lighted soccer fields, keep right at the fork, where there is a sign about the Fairfax Park trails.
    2. At the next fork, keep right.
    3. After crossing bridge at Lake Fairfax, keep left.
    4. When you return to the dirt road (see step 8 above), pay attention to the left turn onto the trail
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