Hunters Woods Elementary School

Colts Neck Road at Steeplechase Drive

5 Mile Run

Measured: 4.8 miles

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Summary of steps 4-12 below:  The first half of this course follows the Reston Association's Turquoise Trail and is similar to the beginning of the Reston South Commuter Lot 10-mile course.  At step 4, enter the Turquoise Trail by turning left at the pool and then a quick right at marker 34. Follow the northwest half of the circular part of this trail past markers 33S-29S, bearing left after marker 30S, until you finish the loop by turning right at marker 28.  Follow the trail, turning right again at marker 25 and then bear left after the bridge, along Glade Stream until you turn left at marker 16.
  1. Start in parking lot in front of school.
  2. Cross Colts Neck Road at the upper school entrance and go about 4 blocks down Paddock Lane.
  3. Right at the first stop sign on Steeplechase Drive into Hunters Woods Pool area.
  4. Left in the pool parking lot on the path (beginning of Al Rider short cut) [see note below].
  5. Right after 100 yards on another path.
  6. Continue straight on that path for about a mile, crossing Colts Neck Road on a crosswalk, and crossing the stream on wooden bridges twice.
  7. Right after about 100 yards after the second foot bridge on another path.
  8. Continue on path for 100 yards and then go over or under Steeplechase Drive (steps or culvert) at marker 27 then bear left.
  9. Continue on that path for about 1/4 mile to the first right on another path at marker 25, then bear left after the bridge.
  10. Continue on that path, paralleling the stream for well over 1/2 mile.
  11. Cross Soapstone Drive at marker 20 and continue on path through Nature Center for 1/2 mile.
  12. Left at marker 16 on the first path after Soapstone Drive, keeping playground on your left as you bear right uphill to a cul de sac.
  13. Right on cul de sac (Hunting Horn Lane) for about 50 yards.
  14. Left on Acton Drive for about 50 yards [Water stop on north side of Glade Drive across from Acton Drive (very hot days only)].
  15. Left on Glade Drive, continuing for about 1 mile, crossing Soapstone Drive at the stop sign, past Glade Pool [alternative start].
  16. Left on Triple Crown Road about 1/2 mile after Soapstone Drive, continuing for about 1/2 mile to end.
  17. Right on Steeplechase Drive for about 1/4 mile.
  18. Right on Colts Neck Road back to Hunters Woods Elementary School (circling 1 1/2 loops of entry circle to increase run distance to 5.00 miles)



The first half of this course follows the Glade Stream along the Reston Association's Turquoise Trail.  To learn more about this trail or download the trail map, click here

The Al Rider short cut, adopted to avoid running along the shoulder of Reston Parkway for 1 block, makes this course about 1/10 mile shorter than any other course.

Hunters Woods Elementary School 5 Mile Run Map

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