Hunters Woods Village Center - Paths Option For 6, 12, and 18 Mile runs

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Measured Loop ~ 6 Miles.   

Directions: Run the following course (see map below) 1,2 or 3 times for 6, 12, or 18 miles.  

1. Start by running toward the back right of the village center (away from Colts Neck Rd.), turning right of the Community Center and Lutheran church into housing parking area

2. Cross road; go down short hill and turn right to go through the tunnel under Glade Dr.

3. Follow the trail to a "T" intersection and turn left up the hill onto Colts Neck iRd.

4. At Hunters Woods ES. Run through the parking lot in front of the school before going around the school building's right side, through an opening in the school yard fence, and popping out next to Steeplechase.

5. Run down Steeplechase for about 0.4 miles to the Glade nature trail crossing.

6. Turn left onto the Glade nature trail.

7. Take the first right then follow the path which eventually crosses Soapstone (watch for traffic!)

8. Continue on the path and take the first left. Run up the hill and turn right when coming out onto Hunting Horn.

9. Turn left on Acton Ct.

10 Turn left on Glade Dr. and cross street and you can get onto side path at next side street (If you stay on the road, you'll miss the turn.)

11. Turn right on path just past the soccer field on the right and make a right on the pathway down the hill.

12. At bottom of hill cross street and a little to the right to continue on path. 

13. About 0.1 miles after street crossing, turn right to cross a footbridge.

14. Turn left at the "T" after crossing bridge

15. At fork in the pathway, keep right, going up the hill and through the tunnel under South Lakes Drive

16. At fork in path (with the world famous raised man-hole) keep left until you come to the tunnel under Soapstone

17. Turn left through the tunnel under Soapstone.

18. Turn right after tunnel and follow the path uphill across and through some townhouse clusters along the golf course, and finally out onto the sidewalk next to Soapstone.

19. Cross Golf Course Square and make the next left onto a path (Watch out for golf cart drivers next to the #11 green).

20. Bear right at fork

21. Turn lleft after only a few yards at path crossing (close to the #16 tee)

22. Follow the trail through the woods for about 100 yards and turn left as you emerge from the woods

23. Cross Newbridge to the pool

24. Continue on the trail, crossing Golf Course Drive 2 times.

25. Continue down the hill and across the golf course first bearing right (going between the #1 green and #2 tee) then left up the hill into the trees, across yet more of the golf course (behind #8 green) towards South Lakes Drive.

26. Follow the trail down hill and bear left toward the bottom of the hill. Go through the tunnel under South Lakes Drive.

27. Continue running downhill bearing slightly to left at the first 4-way intersection

28. After not turning left to cross footbridge, bear right at fork.  

28. At T, turn left and go up the hill and into the Village Center (HWVC) where water and restrooms (in the Reston Community Center) are available.  

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