Course   : North Hills Pool  
Location: 1325 North Village Rd - Off Wiehle Ave Distance: 3.0 miles
Maps      : Street    


  1. From the parking area, head south to the paved path along North Village Road and turn left (east) (do not cross the street).
  2. Stay on path, do not turn left onto intersecting path, but just after the path you are on curves to left into the woods, turn right onto intersecting path.
  3. Follow the path across the street toward the pavilion but stay on the path as it curves around to the left.
  4. Cross Old Tiverton Circle.
  5. Cross Center Harbor Road and stay on path along North Village Road.
  6. Cross Lake Newport Road and follow path to the right, going up to pool.
  7. Take path between pool & basketball court. Left at the "Y". Right on path next to N. Village Rd until after house #1600
  8. Cross North Village Road and go left on path.
  9. Go right on path at the dock.
  10. Walk on the left then head left up the wooden stairs.
  11. Stay on path abutting the lake which is now on your left.
  12. Go left on path at baseball field. Go right on street.
  13. Head left on path after house #1460.
  14. Cross Greenwich Point Road and continue on path.
  15. Cross Lake Newport Road and continue on path.
  16. At "Private Property" sign, with lake on left, turn right going up the hill.
  17. Right on N. Village Road. Pass Brandon Hill and Bromley Village.
  18. Continue on path along road (pool will be on your left).
  19. Cross Lake Newport Road. Stay on North Village Rd. Pass Brass Lantern & Turnbridge.
  20. Cross Center Harbor Road -- carefully.
  21. Take path on the left (west) side of Center Harbor Road and it to the picnic shelter structure.
  22. Turn left at the tee, cross the wooden bridge, continue heading north, cross North Village Rd and head to the start area.


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