Course   : Autumnwood Pool
Location: Autumnwood Pool Distance: 3.1 miles
Maps      : Start / Street         


  1. Directions:Take the path on the left side of the swimming pool. Follow the path along the swimming pool fence toward the back of the pool.
  2. The path enters a petroleum pipeline right of way and proceeds up the hill.
  3. Near the top of the hill, turn left at the "T" intersection, going into the woods.
  4. Soon after passing a day care center on the right, cross Lake Newport Road toward Armstrong School.
  5. Turn right on path along Lake Newport Road.
  6. Pass a path on the left going into the woods. Continue up the hill on the path along Lake Newport Road.
  7. After crossing Elk Point Drive, turn left onto the trail along the pipeline. Note the houses in the distance. You will be turning just prior to those houses.
  8. Do not turn right onto any of the narrow paths along the pipeline. Take the trail to the right at Marker 18, the trail enters the woods going uphill.
  9. Near the top of the hill a path branches to the left. Continue on the path to the right.
  10. The trail intersects with a trail along Reston Parkway. Take the trail to the right following Reston Parkway South.
  11. Turn right onto Great Owl Drive. At the stop sign walk around Great Owl Circle and back to Great Owl Drive & Reston Parkway. Continue right along Reston Parkway.
  12. Follow path to North Point Village Center.
  13. Continue south on Reston Parkway. Soccer field and parking lot will be on your right.
  14. Cross Bennington Woods Road. A row of evergreens screens the houses on your right.
  15. When the evergreens end turn right onto the asphalt path between the field and the homes. It's soon after a fire hydrant.
  16. The baseball field ends and the area on the left becomes wooded. Continue on the path through the woods and do not take the side path on the left.
  17. Take the crosswalk across Bennington Woods Road. Turn right and take the crosswalk across Walnut Branch Road. Turn left and walk west on the asphalt path along Walnut Branch Road.
  18. Turn right onto the path at Grey Squirrel Lane and the entrance to Autumnwood Recreation Area. The path leads you back to the pool parking lot.


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